Zip-lining in Puerto Rico: Locations, Tours and What to Expect


uerto Rico is an ideal vacation destination for those who want adventure and for those who want relaxation. We really offer the best of both worlds, especially when you choose to stay on the Eastern side of the island near San Juan.

For those of you looking for a little excitement, we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about ziplining in Puerto Rico. It’s an ultimate rush as you experience our beautiful panoramic views, some from the ocean, valley, and mountains.

Zip-lining San Juan

For a fun-filled day away, head off to Toroverde Nature Adventure Park. This new ecotourism park offers ziplining, hanging bridges, rappelling, and mountain bike riding from novice to expert levels. Combination packages are available, but ziplining is the standout attraction. People come from all over to ride ziplines that criss-cross the Central Mountain Range of Puerto Rico. 

The park itself is located in the lush mountains of Orocovis, less than an hour from the heart of San Juan. It’s known as a top destination for adrenaline lovers, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised but everything Orocovis has to offer — especially when you see all of the ziplines they offer.

There are more miles of San Juan ziplining cable at Toroverde than any other park in the world. Try “The Canopy” tour, perfect for novices, features eight ziplines from 800 to 2500 feet long. The panoramic views flying 600 feet above the surrounding landscape will take your breath away. 

“La Bestia” tour is unlike all others. Outfitted with a large body harness and cables attached to your back, you’ll fly through the air like a bird. This zipline is almost a mile long, one of the longest zip lines in the world (as certified by Guinness World Records). It’s certainly not for anyone with hesitations, as this particular zipline can reach up to speeds up to 100 km/hr.

Now if that’s not fast enough for you, you’re always welcome to try ziplining “The Monster,” which is known to locals as el monstruo. It is the longest zipline in America, with 2.5km (1.57mi) of cable, equivalent to 28 football fields. People who are brave enough to conquer The Monster truly can reach speeds of up to 152 km/hr.

El Yunque Zip-lining Tours

Another nearby ziplining location worth considering is Rainforest Zipline Park, which is just under an hour away in the foothills of El Yunque Rainforest. Kids as young as eight can explore the rainforest from high above, witnessing the stunning scenery we’re fortunate to have around us. Plus, you can access their rock climbing wall that’s 30 feet tall and offers three different levels of difficulty.

That, of course, is not all. Rainforest Zipline Park is also home to some of the area’s most stunning rainforest tours. Here you can adventure inside the forest and enjoy different activities such as hanging suspension bridges, rappelling, hiking trails. You can even take a try at Surfing the Jungle, which consists of a trolley system that slides from one platform to another.

Preparing For Zip-lining: what to expect

Choice of Clothing for Zip-Lining

Your clothes will play a big role in how comfortable you are throughout the zip-line tour. Wear breathable layers that you can easily move around. You don’t want to worry about scarves or loose clothing getting in the way as you maneuver cables.

Closed-toe shoes are mandatory for all zipliners, and women will be expected to wear their hair in a ponytail.

As for safety gear, your guide will provide all the protective equipment you’ll need.

Height and Weight Restrictions

Remember that height and weight restrictions apply on all ziplines, and weather conditions affect operating hours at Toroverde, Rainforest Zipline Park, and other locations. Most courses will expect you to weigh a minimum of 80 pounds, but no more than 270 pounds.

Be sure to visit your ziplining location’s website, or call in advance, so you know their exact requirement for zipliners.

Be Vaccinated – Or Test COVID Negative

No matter which line you try, it’s important you arrive prepared. As of August 26th, 2021, proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required from customers ages 12 and up to enter the Toro Verde facilities. Please have your photo identification and proof of vaccination ready at the entry to avoid missing out on your zipline adventure.

Of course, you can always trust our friendly Numero Uno concierge staff to help arrange transportation to the park and tour reservations.