Rum Tours and Distilleries in Puerto Rico


hat is made from sugar, can be consumed by itself, mixed in cocktails, and used as flavoring in desserts and other dishes? Rum! A local staple and spirit of choice in the Caribbean, rum has been a part of Puerto Rico’s history since the early sixteenth century. A Puerto Rican rum distillery tour is a great way to add flair to your island visit. 

Rum has been a significant source of revenue and a vital part of the Puerto Rican economy since the 1800s. The spirit is a $300 million-per-year boon to the island’s economy, according to the, and over 700 Puerto Ricans are employed in the distilleries.” A whopping 80% of the rum sales in the world come from Puerto Rico, making this a surefire must-see on any island jaunt.

Which Rum distilleries are good to visit in Puerto Rico?

While in Puerto Rico, you might feel like adding a rum distillery tour to your itinerary. There are three main distilleries to choose from on the island that you can visit:

  1. Bacardí’s Cathedral of Rum 
  2. Hacienda Santa Ana 
  3. La Destilería – PitoRico

Bacardi Distillery in Cataño – The Cathedral of Rum

Bacardí is considered to be the most popular rum worldwide, and has been family owned for six generations. Of course you can drive, but why not take the scenic ferry from Old San Juan to the nearby suburb of Cataño to tour Bacardi’s Puerto Rico distillery? This popular destination is a mere 15 minutes from San Juan. 

The rich history of Casa Bacardí originally began in Cuba in 1862. However, since 1909, Casa Bacardí, also known also as “The Cathedral of Rum”, has been located in Cataño, Puerto Rico. Casa Bacardí’s Cataño plant is currently the island’s largest rum distillery, and started producing rum in early 1937.

Before the pandemic began, you could show up at the distillery and purchase tickets on site. Now, to access Bacardí’s Cathedral of Rum, you must have a confirmed ticket and present proof of vaccination. In addition, since tours fill up quickly, it is advised to purchase your tickets well in advance. Even with COVID precautions, there are several options available for those visiting Casa Bacardí:

  1. Not down for an intensive tour? You can spend $20 on a basic Casa Bacardí Bar Visit. You won’t get a tour, but you do get your choice of a cocktail and empanada, plus access to the Gift Shop.
  2. Looking for a bit of fun mixed with learning? For $75, the Mixology Class teaches you bartending tricks and how to make the perfect cocktail. You also get a trolley ride, a visit to the Family Museum, and a movie at the Visitor Center. Approximately 75 minutes long.
  3. Are you more of a history buff? Maybe you’re interested in how rum is made? Or you want to taste test your way through the flavors? Well then, the Rum Tasting Tour is going to be right up your alley! For $75, you will be welcomed with a cocktail and taken on a trolley ride. Along the way, you will learn how to correctly taste rum, learn about the rich history, taste through premium rums and a chocolate pairing. Plus, you can visit the Family Museum, watch a movie at the Visitor Center, and visit the gift shop. Approximately 75 minutes long.
Bottles of bacardi rum.

Hacienda Santa Ana

If you are searching for history, look no further than Hacienda Santa Ana. Here you will learn about the oldest rum from Puerto Rico, Ron del Barrilito, still made traditionally since 1880. The big brag at this establishment is that not much has changed in the past 140 years. It’s still served straight from a small barrel and continues to be popular with guests. 

Located 23 minutes from San Juan and roughly 30 minutes from Numero Uno Pinones, this distillery is conveniently situated and easy to get to. It’s an excursion that won’t take your entire day, unless you want it to.

To visit, mandatory COVID safety measures include mask wearing and social distancing. The three tour options at your disposal are:

  1. Heritage Tour: is 30 minutes and costs $25 per person.This tour includes a complimentary rum cocktail, a tour of the grounds,  and the aging process. At the end you can stay and enjoy more cocktails at the bar if you so desire.
  2. Mixology Class: includes the Heritage Tour, lasts 1 hour, and is $80 per person. Everything from option 1, plus the mixology class where you will learn to craft quality cocktails.
  3. Tasting Tour: includes the Heritage Tour, plenty of spirit tasting, lasts 1 hour, and is $80 per person.
Hacienda Santa Ana

Tours at La Destilería – PitoRico

A bit over two hours drive from San Juan lies a unique rum and spirits experience. While La Destileria doesn’t hold the historic significance of Hacienda Santa Ana or Bacardi, they are the first and only craft distillery currently in Puerto Rico. Located within the rainforest and mountain range of Jayuya, there is plenty to do in the area’s gorgeous mountain and forest setting. 

With three affordable tour options, you can plan a day trip to Jayuya and enjoy some spirits as well as the sights:

  1. Rum Tasting: A 20 minute, $10 breeze through rum tasters as you learn about the unique distilling and aging process used at La Destileria.
  2. Pitorro Tasting: In 20 minutes, you can try out their version of Caribbean moonshine for $5.
  3. Tour and Rum Tasting: This 30 minute tour takes you through the distillery and the aging processes. Finish up in the tasting room with a flight of rum, all for $15.

Since this is a bit of a destination or day trip, you should also check out the Museo El Cemi where you can view historical artifacts from the indiginous Taino culture.You can also enjoy outdoor activities, air balloon rides, and other attractions. 

Don’t forget about Don Q

No, we haven’t forgotten about Don Q.! While not a distillery that offers tours, the Destileria Serrallés has 150 years of experience. Their focus is on crafting and exporting this fine spirit, and tours are not yet something they feel a need to provide. 

While a tour of the distillery does not exist, there is the option of visiting the Serrallés Castle Museum. Enjoy the beautiful grounds and historic family mansion, and learn more about the family history and how Don Juan Serrallés started making rum out of a copper pot he brought over from France. 

The Serrallés family is a significant part of the island’s legacy and helped pave Puerto Rico’s way to become a major source of rum exports. A more recent Serrallés family member and previous CEO, Félix Serrallés Jr., worked hard to modernize and expand the brand’s selection of products. He was responsible for re-introducing their spirits in the U.S. – including Don Q – and pushed to make the company production as environmentally conscientious as possible.

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