Kiteboarding girl on the ocean

Kite Puerto Rico

Kiteboarding Lessons

Kite Puerto Rico is the only kiteboarding center in Puerto Rico with a full-service facility accessible to the public for lessons and riding. Our instructors follow teaching standards set by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). All of us have a true passion for the sport and know all our clients will love it just as much. We put a heavy emphasis on safety and fun.




Don’t want to bring your kite gear to Puerto Rico? No problem! We have all the latest and greatest gear from Cabrinha, Mystic, NP, and Tona to cover you. Rent for a half-day or full-day with the flexibility to swap out for different sizes and models.

Kite Puerto Rico Employee with Kiteboarding Equipment

“This is a top notch operation. Great guys and great kite spot, especially out on the reef! Highly recommended for a kite vacation or if you are just in town and want to rent some gear for a session!”

Allan Karison

“This is an amazing place and quality gear. Great kite rental experience. we will be back next time we’re in town! I will definitely recommend others to come here.”

Jan Wilson