Numero Uno Piñones is a new, must-try culinary experience for foodies visiting San Juan.

Numero Uno Piñones is the newest addition to Puerto Rico’s Piñones neighborhood, best known for its Afro-Caribbean culture and the allure of its street food vendors. The neighborhood is also more secluded, with less tourism and busy foot traffic compared to greater San Juan. The vibes of this area are fun, friendly, and celebratory — an authentic experience surrounded by beach and a wooded lagoon.

Just a 15-minute drive from downtown San Juan, Numero Uno Piñones is situated on the Piñones lagoon, in a beautiful Mangrove forest within the boundaries of a national forest. The ocean and beaches are easily accessible from the lagoon via a 5-minute boat ride.

Piñones Pool Bar

Indoor and Outdoor Piñones Dining

Whatever brings you to Piñones, Numero Uno has something to offer. You may be visiting to check out the unique food scene. In that case, we have a cool spot with great dining options, food and drink available right alongside our pool. We are excited to celebrate the local flavor while adding our twist to familiar Puerto Rican staples.

Unique Vegan and Vegetarian Puerto Rico Dining Options

Numero Uno Piñones offers upscale vegan and vegetarian takes on Puerto Rican staples. Try our seasoned and flame-grilled cauliflower Pinchos, our beyond meat stuffed tostones, or our staple BBQ jackfruit tacos. All of our food is prepared in our kitchen using fresh, local ingredients that are healthy and vegan friendly.

What’s on the Menu?

Beyond-stuffed Tostones

Across the Spanish-speaking world you might have heard them called Patacones, Tachinos or Chatinos. Our Puerto Rican take on double-fried plantains aims to surprise and delight — we double-fry our plantains and fill them with a savory stuffing. Nosh on your choice of ground beef or Beyond Beef.


Our unique Jackfruit tacos are one of our vegan favorites. Also on the menu are fresh Mahi Mahi and steak options, seasoned Caribbean-style. 


Numero Uno elevates one of Piñones staple items — char-grilled seasoned meat skewers — and offer them in a variety of styles and flavors. Vegan, vegetarians and carnivores alike will love our unique take on this local Caribbean specialty, our Pinchos de Cauliflower a la Criolla, marinated in a tangy Creole salsa before meeting the grill.


Puerto Rico’s rendition of the globally popular Arepa is made with wheat or coconut flour. Our ‘Arepas de Coco’ are topped with a zesty jumbo shrimp and our house criolla.

Piñones Menu

Cool off in the pool in Piñones

On the weekends, Piñones becomes a popular destination for locals to spend time with family and friends. In addition, Numero Uno Piñones can boast of having one of the only poolside bars to enjoy in the area, and this feature is a big draw for those looking for respite from the heat. 

Piñones pool bar cabanas

While you may have come to Piñones to try out the local food scene, you may want to stay overnight in one of our beautiful and chic rooms after a day of exploring and eating. Relax after dinner with a glass of wine or a signature cocktail while watching the sunset over the ocean, or simply lounge by the poolside bar before getting a good night’s rest in one of our queen-sized beds.

Breakfast and brunch in Piñones

Brunch cocktails and mimosas at Piñones in Puerto Rico.

Looking for a brunch or breakfast spot near Piñones or Loiza? Start your day off with your choice of espresso, latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, or tea. How about a fully customizable sweet or savory crepe to get you ready for a day of adventure? Mimosas and cocktails are also on the menu. 

We look forward to seeing you at Numero Uno Piñones for whatever adventure brings you our way, no reservations required!